Our Cause

New Dawn Lab Grown Diamonds is proud to support Kiva, a global non-profit organization that helps low income women in over 80 countries secure micro-loans and create better futures for themselves. We economically empower women around the world by contributing money to Kiva for loans and encourage our New Dawn customers and authorized retailers to join us in this cause.

Kiva’s work moves beyond charity by empowering women in developing countries to start and grow their businesses, creating a sustainable solution to poverty around the world. These businesses bring independence and opportunity by creating a reliable source of income that lifts these women, their families and their community out of poverty.

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Together We Empower

Kiva works to empower and uplift women in 83 countries around the world with small loans that can create a path to financial freedom. Kiva lenders crowdfund the loans to provide the tools necessary for borrowers to run their own businesses and make a living for themselves and their families.

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You Can Help Too!

You can support Kiva by lending directly to a woman or girl in a developing country. Once your loan is repaid, you can use the funds again and again — truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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