The New Dawn Diamonds Story

This New Dawn Will Sustain

Giving the gift of diamonds and adorning oneself in jewelry are traditions that date back thousands of years. And today, even as technology evolves, each one of us still loves the thrill we get when we first put on a gift of diamond jewelry

Diamonds have come to symbolize the eternal nature of our love.

When the science of lab grown diamonds was first discovered, the team at New Dawn Diamonds sensed an opportunity. An opportunity to combine the love represented by the brilliance and fire of diamonds with a desire to reduce our ecological footprint and help save Mother Earth.

New Dawn Diamonds are lab grown diamonds that are exactly the same as mined diamonds, except for their origin.

Today not one shovelful of earth is moved to create New Dawn Diamonds, yet their beauty and brilliance will symbolize your love forever.

New Dawn Diamonds are now available at jewelry stores throughout the USA and we feel strongly this is our chance to introduce this amazing new diamond to the world and contribute to healing the planet at the same time.