Learn about Lab Grown Diamonds

10 Interesting Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have been growing in popularity due to many reasons - eco friendly, beauty, quality and most of all value. Needless to say, there is shift happening in the conversation between mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds. We want to start more of these conversations and we hope these 10 interesting facts will spark some conversation.

So without further ado, we present to you: 10 interesting facts about lab grown diamonds.

1) The first human grown diamonds for sale were made by General Electric in the late 1950’s. (https://consumerist.com/2016/06/14/9-things-we-lea...)

2) Clear lab grown diamonds were finally perfected at the beginning of this decade, with a very highquality (lla) colorless stone produced in 2012. ( https://consumerist.com/2016/06/14/9-things-we-lea....)

3) You will not be able to tell the difference between a lab created diamond and real diamond. In fact, many jewelers can’t see it with their loupe. ( https://www.creditdonkey.com/lab-created-diamonds....)

4) Lab grown diamonds will have natural flaws due to the formation of the rock. And just like real diamonds, it’ll have different tints of color. ( https://www.creditdonkey.com/lab-created-diamonds....)

5) Lab created diamonds are 100% crystallized carbon, they are real diamonds, not synthetic (https://www.miadonna.com/blogs/news/10-facts-about...)

6) Laboratory grown diamonds offers significant environmental advantages over mined diamonds and requires a fraction of the resources of mining operations. This has become an important criterion for some consumers. (http://ww2.frost.com/news/press-releases/grown-dia...)

7) By 2018, laboratory grown diamond production globally is estimated to reach close to 2million carats and by 2026 it is expected to cross 20 million carats. ( https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/public_... )

8) Lab grown diamonds are not diamond stimulants. Diamonds timulates are things that look like diamonds but do not have the same properties. Common ones include: cubic zirconia, moissanite, and whitesapphire. (https://www.creditdonkey.com/lab-created-diamonds....)

9) In general, lab gown diamonds are a bit cheaper than mined diamonds. You can save between 20-35% with a lab created diamond. ( https://www.creditdonkey.com/lab-created-diamonds....)

10) 80% of millennials feel happy or neutral towards the idea of lab grown diamonds (https://www.brilliantearth.com/news/marriage-engag... )

In summation, we believe lab grown diamonds are here to stay for many reasons. But we're probably a little biased :) Even so, we would love to know your thoughts or comments on these facts or lab grown diamonds in general. What do you personally think about lab grown diamonds?