Learn about Lab Grown Diamonds

How to Purchase a Lab Grown Diamond

It is easy and exciting all at the same time! New Dawn Diamonds® is excited for you!

Since you are seeking a diamond, you may be looking for the center stone for an engagement or wedding ring or maybe a matched set for the perfect pair of earrings. Such a purchase is a significant investment and is often emotionally charged, which is why we are dedicated to selling you only the best stones.

Whatever the reason you have for browsing for a diamond, purchasing a lab-grown one is easier than you think.

3 things to remember:

  1. You don’t have to worry if the diamond is from a conflict region of the world, if child labor was used, how much soil was moved in the mining process, or if the ecosystem was impacted.
  1. Lab-grown diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds, except their origin.
  1. Purchase from your trusted jewelry retailer.

Lab-grown diamonds are a fantastic choice if you want a brilliant stone with the same fire and sparkle as a natural diamond, but at a smaller price and with a guarantee that you are not contributing to any unethical trade. New Dawn Diamonds® ensures that every lab-grown diamond they sell is a good investment for your future and a pristine acquisition to enjoy for decades to come.

New Dawn Diamonds hand selects only top fine jewelry retailers who are known for their diamond expertise, high-quality jewelry, maintain strict standards of honesty and transparency and outstanding customer service. New Dawn Diamonds maintains this network of authorized fine jewelry retailers on this website under- Find A Store. Only stores that are New Dawn Diamonds authorized jewelry retailers can sell you a New Dawn Lab Grown Diamond.

Please review the New Dawn Authorized Retailer Network here to learn more.

Or fill out this form and we will have the New Dawn Authorized Retailer in your community contact you to schedule a presentation at their store location.

New Dawn Diamonds believes in complete transparency for all our diamonds and has each and every diamond certified by internationally recognized gemological laboratories.

New Dawn Diamonds are graded by using the same methods as mined diamonds: The 4C’s, which play an important role in a stone’s beauty and value. Each of the 4 parameters is graded on a scale, and the price of a gem is mostly based on how it was graded on each of them.

Here are the 4C indicators that can help you grade a diamond and determine its value:

Now that the 4C’s have been explained in detail, you have a better idea of how to set a budget for the next stone or piece of jewelry you will buy. Setting a budget for your purchase should be directly influenced by how the piece is valued considering the 4C’s since retailers can often set unreasonable prices for lower quality gems. If your budget is limited to a certain amount, you must choose a retailer that can offer you a warranty, an easy return policy, and a low price guarantee. You can even get financing for your purchase from certain stores, so ask if that is an option before you settle on a retailer.

Many diamond shoppers like to find the perfect New Dawn Lab Grown Diamond and then choose the most beautiful ring, pendant or earring mounting to have it set. Finding the jewelry style that you fall in love with is part of the fun!

Ask your New Dawn Authorized Retailer to show you the full range of New Dawn Diamonds.

Because New Dawn Diamonds are the same as mined diamonds, they will need the same care and attention.

With this important information in mind, we are inviting you to take a look at the wide range of lab-grown diamonds in our collection, as they will surely meet your exigency and taste. We are not only offering first-quality gems, but also friendly and professional services focused on your needs.