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Lab Grown Diamonds or Mined Diamonds

An engagement or special birthday requires an extra special gift that will last for years and delight your loved one every time they look at it. Helping our customers find the perfect stone for their special occasion is a joyous experience that we value greatly. That is why it’s very important for us to provide only top quality stones and great services for each and every one of our clients.

If you are as delighted as we are by a piece that shows extraordinary craft and stands out amongst others, you are asking the right question… Are New Dawn lab-grown diamonds a real option for your engagement ring?

Yes, in so many important ways:

Lab-grown diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds and can only be distinguished in a gemological laboratory. They are even cut and polished the same way mined diamonds are cut and polished.

Mined diamonds take billions of years to create deep below the earth’s surface. In some areas, volcanic activity has brought the diamonds closer to the surface but in most cases, it is necessary to mine down into the earth to find them and bring them up to the surface. This mining process means massive amounts of energy is required to move millions of tons of earth each year.

Lab-grown diamonds, besides being created in the same conditions of pressure and temperature, allow you to make a responsible, sustainable purchase, offering you the guarantee that you won’t contribute to unethical trade or industry that threatens the environment. Such qualities come with an extra advantage of being more affordable. The price of a lab-grown diamond with the same characteristic as a mined diamond is significantly lower, by up to 30% cheaper.

If this information did not convince you yet, you can check the value of a lab-grown diamond with an expert, and they can confirm that a professional diamond producing company can, indeed, create pristine and brilliant stones in their own state-of-the-art laboratories.

New Dawn Diamonds

New Dawn Diamonds are lab-grown diamonds, grown in a select few highly advanced laboratories with the most current eco technology available. Being socially responsible, our well paid trained technicians work in a clean, safe and comfortable laboratory environment. There is never any child labor used.

If you are curious about what our lab-grown diamonds look like, browse through our product gallery. You will not only find that our diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from mined diamonds, but you will be delighted to find stones that follow the strictest quality requirements and a wide variety of entrancing styles.

Lab-grown diamonds have identical properties to mined diamonds, and are evaluated using the same quality scale system, widely known as “the 4Cs”:

  1. Color

When it comes to evaluating white diamonds, the presence of color in the stone shows a lower quality. Sometimes undetectable with the naked eye, even the faintest hue of yellow, pink or brown can lower a stone’s value. We are proud to have clear, white diamonds in our portfolio, and at a great price too!

  1. Clarity

The beauty of creating diamonds in a controlled environment is being able to recreate the best condition for the diamond to take shape. This is why lab-grown diamonds are so brilliant and generally lack flaws that you would find in lower-quality mined diamonds.

  1. Cut

The high-end type of technology we rely on when creating our premium diamonds is also involved in the final cut of the stone. Combined with the vast experience of our jewelers, it helps us obtain classic, perfect cuts that show off the diamond’s true beauty but also allows us to experiment with innovative cuts and modern styles for the unconventional clients.

  1. Carat

The carat number a diamond has is related to its weight, although many people believe it refers to its size. Naturally, a large number of carats will be associated with a large diamond, but this also depends on the way it’s cut

As you can see, the same 4 Cs scale is applied to lab-grown diamonds, and the fact that the market is taken over by them shows an interest in more sustainable ways of producing and selling these precious stones.

Get Top Quality Diamonds from New Dawn Diamonds

New Dawn Diamonds can help you find an engagement ring or other fine jewelry with the confidence that you are not damaging the planet or supporting conflict areas.

Browse through our vast portfolio of the most beautiful stones produced in pristine conditions in our laboratory. There is a style for every taste and a price for any budget. Our friendly team will provide free tips on how to choose the right diamond for your special occasion.

Your New Dawn Diamond will be the most beautiful diamond in your world!

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