Learn about Lab Grown Diamonds

​Understanding Lab Created Diamonds

Nothing says affection and commitment quite like diamonds—just ask any newly engaged couple from the last few centuries. However, recent years have given rise to concerns over exactly how traditional diamonds are sourced, and whether they’re priced fairly for consumers.

Lab created diamonds are an alternative to the traditionally mined stones that solve many qualms, but there are many misconceptions out there about them. In reality, diamonds created in a lab have all of the same positive features as mined diamonds with none of the negatives.

Easing Ethical Concerns

It’s no secret that diamonds aren’t always mined under the safest or most ethical working conditions. What’s more, their incredibly high value means that people are harmed every year for the sake of taking control of a mine.

Lab created diamonds come with no such associated guilt. These diamonds are engineered in a highly involved and technical process that took decades to perfect. Not only are the lab workers responsible for creating the diamonds paid fairly, but they also enjoy much more comfortable working conditions.

Identical Structure

Some people are under the impression that lab created diamonds fall into the same category as diamond stimulants, like cubic zirconia, but this is not the case. While diamond stimulants are other substances that simply mimic the appearance of diamonds, lab created diamonds have exactly the same cellular structure as mined diamonds.

To put it simply, there is no difference between a mined diamond and one created in a lab, aside from its history. Mined diamonds were created by the planet over the course of many, many years, and lab diamonds were created by scientists over a much shorter period of time.

Even experts comparing lab created diamonds with mined diamonds cannot discern a difference, simply because there isn’t one. Testing with highly specialized equipment is the only way to discern mined for lab diamonds at all, so the look and structure is identical.

Higher Value

Despite the fact that there’s no real difference between lab created diamonds and mined diamonds, the mined ones come with a significantly higher price tag. There’s a great deal more work (and often danger) involved with procuring a mined diamond, so a lab created one comes at a much more reasonable price.

For those who have always had a hard time understanding why diamonds are so shockingly expensive, this comes as a welcome surprise. Lab created diamonds offer all of the beauty at a fraction of the price.

How Lab Created Diamonds Are Made

Put simply, diamonds are grown in a lab by mimicking the same conditions under which diamonds are formed in nature. This means that carbon is subjected to extreme pressure or heat (or both), which then transforms the base element into the glittering stones that are so sought after.

Likewise, colored diamonds are created in a lab by subjecting the process to small amount of particular elements. This is the same way that colored diamonds are made naturally. The process requires extremely specialized machinery, but it all boils down to the fact that the lab is simply performing the same activity that nature does.

Buying a diamond no longer has to mean feeling guilt or going into debt. Though public attitude has needed some nudging to shift in the right direction, the realization that manufactured diamonds are a stunning and smart alternative has now spread. Purchasing a lab created diamond from New Dawn Diamonds will beautify your life without complicating it.